Commercial Tumble Dryers Product Range

The technology and innovative design behind IPSO's commercial tumble dryers make the drying process very efficient. Users of IPSO's industrial tumble dryers also have a variety of programming options to choose from that help save money on operating costs. Discover the benefits that IPSO commercial tumble dryers can offer to your laundry business.

  • On-Premises Dryers

    On-Premises Dryers

    IPSO's industrial tumble dryer range for on-premises applications is designed to deliver the best performance for professional use.

  • Coin-Operated Dryers

    Coin-Operated Dryers

    IPSO coin-operated tumble dryers are reputable in the industry for their high durability and efficiency qualities.

Efficient Drying Process

IPSO's commercial tumble dryers  perfectly balance heat, airflow and cylinder design, which translates into the most efficient drying process, resulting in reduced utility costs in both coin operated and on premises laundry settings.

Highly-Industrial Construction

Whether you're using on premises or coin operated dryers, commercial tumblers receive their share of abuse as a result of heavy-usage. IPSO’s rugged design, heavy-duty door and hinge are built to withstand constant handling from both staffs and customers.

Complete Product Range

Whether you need a small capacity dryer that is versatile enough for any laundry application, or a large capacity dryer to make your laundry the most productive it can be, IPSO has you covered.