Commercial Washer Extractors Product Range

IPSO’s commercial washer extractors are efficient by design. Built to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs, and maximize productivity.

  • On-Premises Washers

    On-Premises Washers

    IPSO’s on premises laundry equipment includes commercial washers with heavy duty strength and proven technology. Learn more today.

  • Coin-Operated Washers

    Coin-Operated Washers

    IPSO's easy-to-use commercial coin-operated washers incorporate industry leading control system for quality performance.

IPSO’s extensive commercial washer extractor consists of a full range of industrial washing  machines for vended and on-premises laundry applications. Thanks to IPSO’s technology, laundry professionals can rely on robust, efficient and easy-to-maintain machines built to last and deliver the best results.

The premium quality of IPSO's commercial washer extractors lies in key features:

Thanks to IPSO, laundry professionals in North America can deliver competitive results while maintaining cost-efficiency.