Hardmount Washer Extractors: IC-Series

Hardmount Washer Extractors: IC-Series

IPSO hardmount washer extractors are the standard on premises laundry equipment in industries such as hotels, healthcare facilities and other typically ground-floor laundries. These commercial washer extractors are secured to the concrete floor, cost significantly less than their soft mount counterparts and have a proven record of dependability with superior wash results.

IPSO’s hard mount commercial washer extractors are industrial by design. They are built to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs, and maximize productivity. The heavy-duty construction of these industrial washing machines provides dependable operation and assures your hard mounts will be in service for years to come.

The G-Force extraction on the hard mount range removes more water from each load, which results in reduced energy costs and shortened drying times when compared to other on premises laundry equipment. These hard mount commercial washer extractors feature the intuitive Maestro controls,  improved design for easier installation and maintenance washers and a computer-optimized frame that’s even stronger than before.

  • The frame, cabinet and suspension system have been designed to perform continuously in highly industrial environments.
  • All vital parts have undergone extensive lifecycle testing to ensure the design of the on premises laundry equipment will endure even in the harshest environments.
  • The intuitive Maestro controls allow you to manage your laundry operation to ensure you are working at maximum efficiency.
  • The large door enables quick loading and unloading of the linen. The door handle and door lock ensure a smooth opening and closing of the door, resulting in an increased reliability and safety.
  • IntelliSpin is a technology that utilizes up to 200 G-Force to extract more water and reduce bottlenecks at the dryer. This results in matched cycle times between the washer and dryer to optimize efficiency while increasing turnaround times and reducing your utility costs.
  • Three Maestro controls options for IPSO's hard mount washing machines:
    • Maestro G3:
      • 30 customizable wash cycles offer  flexibility to meet the needs of any OPL laundry facility
      • Extra functions grant unlimited flexibility including rapid advance temperature-controlled fill, cycle time remaining and test cycle for diagnostics
    • Maestro G2:
      • 9 customizable programs help you increase the performance of your laundry operation
      • 3 programmable water levels allow you to modify the amount of water used within a cycle
    • Maestro G1
      • Basic control with 4 pre-programmed cycles

Download spec sheets for available models: IC020, IC030, IC040, IC060, IC080 and IC100.

Warranty Details

  • Limited warranty of parts for the first 3 years*
  • Limited warranty on the frame, outer tub and cylinder shaft assembly for the first 5 years*
  • Limited warranty on the bearing housing, cylinder bearings and bearing seals for the first 5 years. Parts only, no assemblies*

*For complete details and restrictions please consult your warranty bond. IMPORTANT: Outside the USA this limited warranty may not be applicable. Consult your authorized Alliance Laundry Systems distributor or route operator regarding the applicability, if any, of warranty coverage to you.

Maestro Intellispin