Softmount Washer Extractors: IY-Series

Softmount Washer Extractors: IY-Series

IPSO’s commercial soft mount washer extractor series are industrial by design. These commercial washers are built to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs, and maximize productivity in industrial, on premises laundry environments. The heavy-duty construction provides dependable operation and assures your OPL equipment will be in service for years to come.

The high G-Force extraction on the softmount washer extractor reduces drying times and utility costs, often removing such significant moisture that items can often bypass the dryer and go directly to your flatwork ironer.

IPSO softmount washers feature a durable frame design, engineered for heavy-duty performance, with easy installation and maintenance. 

  • The frame, cabinet and suspension system of these soft mount washers have been designed to perform continuously in the highly industrial environment.
  • The large door enables quick loading and unloading of the linen. The soft mount washing machine's wide-set door hinge allows for easy opening and closing.
  • Water reuse and Ozone compatible.
  • The high extraction speeds considerably reduce drying time, resulting in energy and time savings in the drying process. Eco washing programs significantly reduces water and electricity consumption.
  • Eco washing programs significantly reduces water and electricity consumption.
  • Models ranging from 20-70 lbs feature our Aries Elite control: 
    • Aries Elite control:
      • Fully programmable
      • 99 programs
      • Multi-lingual
      • Networking available
      • USB connection to back panel for easy programming
  • Models ranging from 90-275 lbs feature our Micro control:
    • Micro-control:
      • Graphical high resolution display
      • Multi-language capability
      • Easy and flexible step based programming
      • 20 pre-programmed cycles
      • Up to 99 cycles programs
      • Diagnostic tools with error log
      • Networking port

Download spec sheets for available models: IY20, IY25, IY30, IY40, IY55, IY70, IY90, IY125, IY180, IY230 and IY275.

Warranty Details

  • Limited warranty of parts for the first 3 years*
  • Limited warranty on the frame, outer tub and cylinder shaft assembly for the first 5 years*
  • Limited warranty on the bearing housing, cylinder bearings and bearing seals for the first 5 years. Parts only, no assemblies*

*For complete details and restrictions please consult your warranty bond. IMPORTANT: Outside the USA this limited warranty may not be applicable. Consult your authorized Alliance Laundry Systems distributor or route operator regarding the applicability, if any, of warranty coverage to you.