Commercial Topload Washers: BWT-Series

Commercial Topload Washers: BWT-Series

IPSO commercial top load washers are highly efficient, reducing both hot water usage and total water consumption for your on premises laundry.  Our commercial top load washers feature a remarkable spin speed of 710 RPM, increasing overall laundry efficiency by removing more moisture from loads. Less moisture translates into reduced drying times. Fast cycle times get the job done quickly, while the double load washtub provides lots of room for larger loads.

  • Reduced water consumption
  • 710 RPM spin reduces drying times and utility costs
  • 100% front serviceable

Download spec sheet for available IPSO models


Warranty Details

  • Limited warranty on parts for the first 3 years*
  • Limited warranty on washer transmission for the first 5 years*
  • Limited warranty on washer cylinder bearings and bearing seal assembly during the first 5 years*
  • Lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel wash tub*

*For complete details and restrictions please consult your warranty bond. IMPORTANT: Outside the USA this limited warranty may not be applicable. Consult your authorized Alliance Laundry Systems distributor or route operator regarding the applicability, if any, of warranty coverage to you.