SmartWAVe energy saving technology is based on water absorption verification

Today’s laundry consists of all kinds of different fabrics, which means water absorption levels will vary greatly and will require different water levels for optimal cleaning. Although the water levels in a commercial washing machine’s program can be adjusted, this is generally based on a standard type of wash load and does not take into account the absorption level. It is nearly impossible to manually determine the water absorption level of your linens. Weighing the linen, on the other hand, is impractical and labor-intensive to do for every wash cycle. It is also very inaccurate, even if it is done inside the washing machine. For example, because it is based on weight, bulky but light linen, such as duvets, will never take enough water to give a good wash result, whereas linen table clothes would take too much water.

Over-Dry Prevention Technology (OPT)

SmartWAVe takes your wash cycle to the next level of energy efficiency

SmartWAVe, IPSO’s patented leading-edge precision-engineered, energy saving technology, automatically determines the absorption ability of the linen at the start of the cycle and consequently adjusts the water levels in every segment of the commercial washing machine’s program accordingly. SmartWAVe leads to a huge saving of water when linen with a low absorption level needs to be processed or when only a few items need to be washed. Thanks to SmartWAVe, optimal water consumption is obtained in accordance with the linens.  This energy saving washer extractor technology not only adjusts the water level but also adjusts the automatic detergent level, so that the balance between soap and water will always be perfect for your linen load and a perfect wash quality is achieved.