Drying Gear Cabinets

Drying Gear Cabinets

NFPA 1851 has raised the bar for how fire departments care for their bunker gear and this includes regular cleaning and laundering of the PPE, inspiring IPSO’s drying cabinet design and fire gear dryer PPE system. But while today’s commercial washer-extractors get fire gear clean, commercial dryers  can’t be used as a turnout gear dryer. IPSO’s new PPE System Drying Cabinet, however, offers a safe, fast firefighter gear dryer alternative.
Drying cabinet utilizes a dual blower design which sends air through hangers to dry the inside of gear, while heated air also is gently circulated around the outside of PPE. The operating costs of this fire gear dryer are kept low by recirculating the air.
IPSO’s fast, efficient drying process returns gear to service in just 2 to 3 hours. That’s significantly faster than the popular method among departments of hanging gear in front of fans.
The microprocessor control on this firefighter gear dryer is easy to operate and offers five preset drying cycles. Operation is as simple as pressing two buttons. Dry cycles range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Presets are easily re-programmed to match your fire department’s needs.
This IPSO turnout gear dryer can dry five full sets of PPE gear (including fire jacket, pants and liners), at one time and also offers optional racks for drying gloves and boots.
Any PPE system put into service in a firehouse has to be rugged. So IPSO designed its equipment to meet these rough demands for many years.

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Warranty Details

  • Limited warranty on parts for the first 12 months*

*For complete details and restrictions please consult your warranty bond. IMPORTANT: Outside the USA this limited warranty may not be applicable. Consult your authorized Alliance Laundry Systems distributor or route operator regarding the applicability, if any, of warranty coverage to you.